Draw to Explore, workshops and courses

Physical, elemental, experiential, embodied and experimental. At Draw to Explore we approach drawing with a sense of playfulness, exploration and discovery. Journeys are up for grabs and each session is different.

When we draw to explore…what do we find? Some possible answers…

  • Yourself – by trying new ways of drawing, you learn how more about how you think, feel, see, express
  • Your space – by interacting with your space by drawing within it, and sometimes from it, you may find it is packed with dimensions you hadn’t visited before
  • Others – as we share our drawings with each other, we can feel enriched by the variety of ways in which an activity can be explored and experienced.

What you won’t find out is ‘how to draw like a proper artist’! * Mainly you’ll be making a mess, or you’ll have no idea how your drawing is going to turn out. This is process over outcome, then falling in love with the outcome because it’s a memento of the process.

Who is it for?

Draw to Explore is really a one-size fits all kind of fare. You can be an accomplished artist looking for new ways to develop your practise, or someone who identifies with being ‘wounded artist’, where somewhere down the line you were lead to believe you can’t do art and shouldn’t, or you might simply be curious and want to try something new!

I also deliver Draw to Explore as part of wellbeing days for corporate companies and organisations. Please get in touch if you would like to hire a workshop for your organisation and I’d be happy to discuss any ideas that suit around your needs.

*Although sessions like that are available upon requests – please see ‘Mentorship’.



Draw to Explore gives me freedom to express myself without an expectation of any particular outcome. I love finding out more about the world and my relationship to it by taking part in these imaginative and inspiring exercises - they are creatively and thoughtfully designed and it's a real pleasure to share the process of following them with others too!


FUN! I liked all the exercises. Really set me up for the day! I found all my art work came flowing out very easily after the class. Highly recommend!


As someone who doesn’t really connect with art in the sense that I’m not really good at it or know much about it and don’t do it/enjoy it, it was a beautiful and powerful opening into an exciting new world. It was art, but also awareness, DJing, dancing, playing, naval gazing, noticing new perspectives, laughing, connecting.


it is BRILL- highly recommend!!!!!! Wonderful to just flow with drawing/painting/creating and such unique techniques and explorations. So original!


Doing the object drawing me was great. Its cool. Takes away the emotional filter of perception. Like a surprising meditation. Lovely start to the day!


…exploring the mind as well as drawing. Really wonderful to be in a space that is about being away from the present situation.