Tutoring and Mentorship

I have experience teaching art skills to all ages and abilities, having taught at all levels of formal education as well as adult settings including prisons, community centres, the V&A and the National Portrait Gallery. I am available to teach art 1-1 in a bespoke fashion according to needs.

Additionally, I offer mentorship to aid clients with a particular project they would like to work on. I can offer feedback on work-in-progress, discuss ideas and together we can set targets and structure. I would be happy to mentor on all comic related topics, specifically ideas development, visualisation, autobiography, self-publishing, zines, networking and collaboration.

Tutoring: £30 per hour

Mentoring: £55 per hour (4 x sessions recommended)

All sessions would be via Skype or Zoom. Please contact me using the form on the home page.

Wallis helped me view my work from a fresh perspective. She encouraged me to loosen up, not be scared of making mistakes and, most significantly, taking risks with my artwork. With that advice in mind I managed to break down self-imposed parameters that were holding me back. I revisited my project. I pulled it apart, reworked, then put it back together again, all with a new found confidence. My 2019 submission for the Laydeez Award is unrecognisable from that of 2018, and that is pretty much down to my Laydeez Review. Also - this year I made the long list!

Caroline Grebbel (LDC Reviewee)

I just wish Wallis had been my A level teacher back in day - her kindness, encouragement and thoughtful consideration of all our attempts was hugely appreciated.

Jo (Frui participant)