In 2017, myself and Dr Victoria Anderson gained access to HMP Wandsworth to deliver Digital Storytelling courses to prisoners. This was through the charity, Stretch, whose website would host short videos made by our participants. After several months of bonding with the men who attended, working with them to craft films about their life experiences, we were ready to take the films out and show the world! However, it was at this stage the prison security came to the decision that this would not be allowed after all, and I was told I had to destroy their work. Obviously we were all devastated. But, there was a silver lining – I was given permission to take transcripts of their films instead. Then, with this material, Victoria’s recollection of the incredible few months we spent there, and my drawings and illustration, ‘Wings’ was born…


After a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the book into tangible form, ‘Wings’ is now available to purchase through Cell Memory with all proceeds feeding back into work with prisons. More info on the website.

Gallows humour was endemic. I realised they called it gallows humour for a reason. Men would routinely display a sort of resigned, ironic, restless humour that doesn’t really exist on the outside. It was a way of laughing both at themselves and at the ridiculous predicament in which they found themselves.

Victoria Anderson

You can hold onto who you truly are, and who you love with all your might, and return to the light a stronger person. I refuse to be changed by my environment.

Prisoner 03

My first night sleeping on the uncomfortable, rickety bunk bed, I knew my expectations and realisations shouldn’t breach the threshold of hope and change. I am a prisoner now and need to adapt.

Prisoner 02